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Have you recently been assisted by the San Diego FSP?

Please take our online survey to tell us about your experience. You will need the serial number at the bottom of the flier provided by the driver who assisted you.


“SANDAG has a great service! I want you to know how appreciative I am considering I didn’t have to call someone to bail me out or wait around forever for a good Samaritan.” Anna,

“I was alone, driving home from work when my car overheated. [The FSP driver] helped to keep me safe as I waited for the Auto Club. [He] was a gentleman the whole time he was with me and allowed me to use his cell phone when mine died. You have a wonderful employee…and I truly hope you appreciate the fine job he did in aiding a damsel in distress.” Billie A.

Freway Service Patrol
“I had transmission failure during afternoon rush hour traffic...I had not even completed my cell phone call to the Automobile Club when [the FSP driver] pulled up behind me. I had no idea this freeway assistance program existed, so I was a little concerned that a tow truck had pulled up behind me before I even had a chance to call one. [He] approached my car, immediately identified himself…and placed a radio call to the CHP. He then stood by my passenger door for close to an hour in the blazing hot afternoon sun until a flatbed truck arrived. This level of customer service is truly rare.” Tricia B.

“[The FSP driver] walked up to my window and asked if I ran out of gas. His kind face immediately helped me know that it would be okay. He offered to put a gallon of gas in my car, and I said YES, please. [He] literary saved my life and probably others today… I had no idea that [the FSP program] even existed, and I think it’s a very valuable (lifesaving) service to our community.” Cindy K.

“I was on my way to work after dropping my daughter off at school, when my car suddenly lost power. [The FSP driver] saw me and quickly turned around because he saw what a bad spot I was in. [He] put a gallon of gas in the car and it started! I had never been so scared in all my life and I thank you enough for this program.” Leslie L.

“My right rear tire went flat on the southbound 805. I pulled over on the shoulder, who should appear in my read view window? The SANDAG tow truck. Boy, was it a welcome sight. In ten minutes [the FSP driver] had the tire changed and I was on my way. My heroes! What a great public service – tax dollars well spent. Thank you!” Janet G.

“I got a flat tire in the fast lane on 15 in Escondido. I felt very anxious and unsafe. I was so relieved when I saw a truck pull up behind me and then found out that it was a courtesy service from SANDAG. This is a wonderful service and I plan to support it whenever possible. I have already told all my friends about it and told them to be sure to support efforts to keep this service in place.” Catherine E.

Freway Service Patrol

View frequently asked questions about the Freeway Service Patrol.

Drivers of the Quarter

It takes special people to do this job! Each quarter, one San Diego FSP driver is recognized for excellent performance. Drivers of the Quarter are chosen based on their willingness to help out in responding to calls outside their assigned beat, interactions with dispatchers and other FSP drivers, safety records, uniform and truck appearance, radio procedures, and number of customer commendations.

The 2015 Drivers of the Quarter are:

  • 1st Quarter - Joey De Hoyos (Coastal Pride)
  • 2nd Quarter - Javier Garcia (Road One)
  • 3rd Quarter - Adrian Perez (Coastal Pride)
  • 4th Quarter - Ezequiel Hernandez (Road One)

At the end of the year, the most outstanding Driver of the Quarter is recognized as Driver of the Year.

2015 Driver of the Year – Joey De Hoyos (Coastal Pride)

Freway Service Patrol
Freeway Service Patrol

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