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Toll Facilities

FasTrak lets customers pay their toll electronically on the I-15 Express Lanes and South Bay Expressway in San Diego County, and any toll road, bridge, or express lane in California bearing the FasTrak logo.

To use FasTrak on a toll road or bridge, drivers must have a prepaid FasTrak account and a transponder properly mounted on their windshield. The correct toll is automatically deducted from a prepaid account. Learn about new transponder technology, including stickers, and how they are read on our roadways in our FAQs.

Check our events page for the latest information on FasTrak, the I-15 Express Lanes, or South Bay Expressway, and subscribe to our quarterly newsletters to stay up to date on the latest FasTrak promotions.

View the FasTrak FAQs to learn more. To sign up for the I-15 Express Lanes quarterly FasTrak newsletter, email

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