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What is a Compass Card?

The Compass Card is a “smart card” that can be loaded with your transit pass for Bus, Trolley, COASTER, and SPRINTER. Once your Compass Card is loaded with a pass, you simply Tap & Ride™! The same card can be reloaded month after month or even set up with automatic reload so your pass is always ready to go when you are!

How much will I pay?

There are a number of different pass types or fares (see chart) that can be loaded onto your card. There is also a $2 administration fee for a new Compass Card. This is added to the cost of the pass on your first purchase only. After that, you just pay for the pass when you reload your card. Visit NCTD or MTS to learn about discounted pass eligibility requirements. MTS day passes are sold exclusively on Compass Cards.

Where can I buy or reload a Compass Card?

The following table provides all the locations where you can purchase and/or reload your Compass Cards and the payments accepted. Options include Albertsons stores, rail stations, online, mail, and by phone! Compass Cards loaded with discounted Senior, Medicare, Youth, and Disabled transit passes are available at the MTS Transit Store, NCTD Transit Centers, select community locations and at Albertsons and select Vons stores. When getting a discount transit pass on Compass Card, you must present your I.D. For accepted forms of I.D., discounted pass eligibility requirements, or to find out about Photo I.D. Compass Cards, visit NCTD or MTS.

How long do Compass Cards last?

With proper care, Compass Cards are designed to last up to five years. You can protect your card and the value of the pass loaded on it against theft, loss, or damage by registering your card.

Registration Forms     To print and complete: English Spanish

LOCATION FORMS OF PAYMENT All Passes* Adult Discounted
& S/D/M
All Adult,
& S/D/M
Credit/Debit Cards
Transit Benefit
Debit Cards
checkmark_transparent checkmark_transparent

Call 511 and say "Compass"
Credit/Debit Cards checkmark_transparent checkmark_transparent x_transparent checkmark_transparent

Trolley, SPRINTER, or
COASTER stations
Credit/Debit Cards
Transit Benefit
Debit Cards
checkmark_transparent checkmark_transparent x_transparent x_transparent

Credit/Debit Cards

Paper Vouchers
(accepted at MTS,
NCTD, & Albertsons
or Vons locations only)

Transit Benefit
Debit Cards
(accepted at MTS &
NCTD locations
checkmark_transparent checkmark_transparent checkmark_transparent x_transparent

Pass By Mail order form
Money Order
checkmark_transparent checkmark_transparent x_transparent x_transparent

* All types of Regional day passes (1, 2, 3, 4, 14, and 30-Day) can be reloaded at all MTS Trolley ticket vending machines, the MTS Transit Store, and at Albertsons. Except for the 1-Day Pass, all other day passes can be reloaded at NCTD Customer Service Centers. 14 and 30-Day Regional Passes also can be reloaded at SPRINTER ticket vending machines. RegionPlus Day Passes are available at all preceding locations as well as NCTD COASTER ticket vending machines. A Regional 1-Day Pass ($5) also can be reloaded on MTS buses. Effective Monday, November 26, 2012 a $2 fee will be added to the cost of a MTS $5 Day Pass when purchased without a Compass Card. When you use a reloadable Compass Card, the cost of a Day Pass is $5.