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Have you recently been assisted by the San Diego FSP?

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Freway Service Patrol “SANDAG has a great service! I want you to know how appreciative I am considering I didn’t have to call someone to bail me out or wait around forever for a good Samaritan.” Anna

“My tire blew out on I-15 near Miramar Way. I pulled over to wait for my father when the Freeway Service Patrol came from nowhere. I could hear Enrique Iglesias "hero" in my head. I was completely unaware of this service. My spare tire was deflated but he inflated it and put it on for me. Really nice guy, very fast work, professional and cared to make sure I was ok. Thanks again!” Kristin M.

“I had transmission failure during afternoon rush hour traffic...I had not even completed my cell phone call to the Automobile Club when [the FSP driver] pulled up behind me. I had no idea this freeway assistance program existed, so I was a little concerned that a tow truck had pulled up behind me before I even had a chance to call one. [He] approached my car, immediately identified himself…and placed a radio call to the CHP. He then stood by my passenger door for close to an hour in the blazing hot afternoon sun until a flatbed truck arrived. This level of customer service is truly rare.” Tricia B.

Freway Service Patrol

“[The FSP driver] walked up to my window and asked if I ran out of gas. His kind face immediately helped me know that it would be okay. He offered to put a gallon of gas in my car, and I said YES, please. [He] literally saved my life and probably others today… I had no idea that [the FSP program] even existed, and I think it’s a very valuable (lifesaving) service to our community.” Cindy K.

“My right rear tire went flat on the southbound 805. I pulled over on the shoulder, who should appear in my read view window? The SANDAG tow truck. Boy, was it a welcome sight. In ten minutes [the FSP driver] had the tire changed and I was on my way. My heroes! What a great public service – tax dollars well spent. Thank you!” Janet G.

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