Other 511 Phone Options

Roadside Assistance transfers you to call center staff who can help if you are having trouble on select local highways.

Airport provides a phone number to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority operator, or 24-hour automated menu, for information about parking, flight arrivals, lost and found, and other information. (Airport operator hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

FasTrak transfers callers to the Customer Service Center for the South Bay Expressway or I-15 Express Lanes to receive information about the FasTrak electronic toll collection program. FasTrak users can drive non-stop through toll plazas on designated FasTrak facilities. The correct toll is automatically deducted from a prepaid FasTrak account associated with that vehicle.

iCommute is your gateway to commute choices in the San Diego region. The program is managed by SANDAG as part of the regional 511 transportation information program. The goal of the iCommute program is to reduce traffic congestion in order to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants that result from driving alone.

At the main menu, press or say “5”, or ask for any of the following: “iCommute,” “SchoolPool,” “bicycling,” “vanpool,” “Guaranteed Ride Home,” or” carpool” and 511 will connect you with an iCommute operator who will explain how to join a carpool or vanpool, provide transportation incentives to employees, and information about iCommute programs and incentives. (iCommute operator hours are Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Spanish options are available on 511. At the main menu, say“Español” or press “9” to go to the Spanish menu. Under the Spanish menu, 511 provides some options to transfer Spanish-speaking callers to roadside assistance or transit operators. Four Spanish prompts are available:

  • Para asistencia en carretera, pulse número uno

  • Para información de viajes comparaditos, pulse numero dos

  • Para información de tránsito, pulse número tres

  • Para FasTrak, pulse cuatro

Border crossing” connects you to information about border crossings in the San Diego area. Just select from recorded messages for border crossing stations at Otay Mesa, San Ysidro, or Tecate.