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Accessing the I-15 Express Lanesi-15 express lanes map

There are more than 20 access points to move between the I-15 Express Lanes and the I-15 general purpose lanes. You can safely merge onto the Express Lanes at these designated points. These access points keep all traffic moving smoothly in the right direction and provide easy access to enter and exit the Express Lanes and get where you need to go!

There also are five direct access ramps (DARs) that allow carpools, vanpools, transit, and FasTrak-equipped vehicles to enter the Express Lanes from surface streets and transit stations/Park & Ride lots. DARs are located at the Escondido, Del Lago, Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, and Miramar College transit stations.

View map of access points and transit stations.

How to use the I-15 Express Lanes

  • Approach any of the I-15 Express Lanes entrances.
    • If you’re driving alone with a FasTrak transponder, look for the large sign displaying the minimum toll for entering the Express Lanes as well as the maximum possible toll. I-15 Express Lanes tolls range from 50 cents to a maximum of $8. Tolls are calculated based on the number of miles you travel and the congestion in the Express Lanes at the time of entry.
  • Once you pass the electronic sign, look for the break that separates the main lanes from the I-15 Express Lanes. Follow the pavement markings through the transition into the Express Lanes.
    • For solo drivers, an overhead antenna instantly reads your FasTrak transponder and deducts the correct toll from your prepaid account.
    • Solo drivers should not enter the Express Lanes when “HOV ONLY” is displayed in the overhead signs. If you enter the lanes after the “HOV ONLY” message is displayed, you will be charged the maximum toll amount, currently $8, and assessed a fine equal to the maximum toll amount.
  • Exiting the Express Lanes is fast, easy, and efficient. Signs will advise you about the upcoming exit points. Just look for another break between the Express Lanes and main lanes, and maintain a safe speed as you follow the lane striping into the main lanes.
  • Carpools, vanpools, transit, clean air vehicles, and motorcycles are always FREE on the I-15 Express Lanes.
    • As long as two or more occupants are in your car, you can enjoy the time-saving benefits of the I-15 Express Lanes at no cost. An occupant is defined as any person who occupies a safety restraint device. Visit to learn more about ridesharing options. If you are a FasTrak customer, remove the transponder from your windshield and place it in the Mylar® bag provided when you opened your account to ensure you aren’t charged the toll.
    • Rapid 235, Rapid Express 280, and Rapid Express 290 began service on the I-15 corridor in June 2014. Rapid uses the I-15 Express Lanes, Direct Access Ramps, and limited stops to offer speedy, comfortable trips. Visit to learn more.

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